Celebrating 40 Years of Dedication

Fire Chief Dave Keiver joined the Malaspina Volunteer Fire Department in 1978  –   Since then he has been a firefighter (1978 to 1985) a Lieutenant (1985-1999), Deputy Chief (1999 to 2005) and Chief (2005 to the present). On March 16, 2019 Fire Commissioner Gordon Anderson presented Chief Keiver with a 40 year bar of service medal and a certificate of recognition for the years he has dedicated to fire fighting.


At the start of his career he was a fresh youth right out of the sea cadets, he later worked at the local paper mill, raised two daughters and kept horses and dogs on his property close to the fire hall. Now that he is retired from the mill he has much more time to dedicate to the Fire Department and gives great thanks to his wife Connie, stating, “none of this would have been possible without her support.”


When asked about those four decades Chief Keiver noted that the department has changed so significantly that it is almost unrecognizable. When he first started, the Fire Department had three trucks and one was a converted oil tanker. His safety equipment was an old black bunker coat and a set of fire ball rubber gloves. The department used a phone tree to communicate about call-outs with a few of the members having pagers.


Now the fleet has six fire apparatuses that all meet standards and with two new replacement vehicles on the way. Fire fighters are all outfitted with modern turnout gear and communication is efficient with everyone having a pager and a great dispatch system.


Training is always improving and becoming more efficient, with many courses being available online. He believes all of these improvements contribute to individuals being stronger fire fighters and the department being able to deliver excellent service to the community.


He notes that one thing that has not changed in the 40 years he has served is the dedication and commitment of the membership to safety and service. Malaspina Volunteer Fire Department celebrated 50 years of fire fighter safety in 2017 and he believes safety was the number one priority 40 years ago when he joined and still is today.



Ryan Thoms, Manager of Emergency Services

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