May 28, 2020 Regional Board Meeting Highlights



Indian Point Boat Ramp Tenure
The Board directed staff to apply for a 30-year tenure agreement for the Indian Point Boat Ramp located on Savary Island.


Business Case Analysis Approval

The Board endorsed the use of a Business Case Analysis form to assign a rating to all proposed capital and operational projects in order to determine project prioritization within and across services for budget deliberations. The Board directed staff to bring back a report to the Board after the next budget cycle.


Water/Waste Water Utility Systems Acquisition Policy

The Board directed staff to develop a Utility System Acquisition Policy.


Texada Metal Transfer Station

The Board received and approved the proposed improvements to the Texada Metal Transfer Station as well as endorsing the replacement license for institutional purposes and for as long a term available.


Feasibility Study Land Use and Development

The Board received the “Feasibility Study Land Use and Development Regulatory Options” final report prepared for the qRD by the Arlington Group. The Board will be deferring any consideration of recommended next steps during the COVID-19 pandemic, at least until the social (physical) distancing directives have been lifted by the Provincial Health Officer.


Lund Sanitary Sewer Development Cost Charge Bylaw

The Board adopted the “Lund Sanitary Sewer Development Cost Charge Bylaw No. 550, 2019”.


National Indigenous Peoples Day – June 21, 2020

The Board endorsed June 21, 2020 as National Indigenous Peoples Day.


Waiver of Late Payment Penalty – Myrtle Pond Water/Lund Sewer

The Board has moved to waive/forgive the late payment penalties assessed or assessable on late payments of invoices for the first and second quarter 2020 invoices to Myrtle Pond Water System users as well as the first semi-annual payment from users of the Lund Sewer System.


Western Forest Products Inc. Pest Management Plan (PMP) Application

The Board has provided comment to the Western Forest Products Inc. Pest Management Plan (PMP) Application for TFL 39, Block1 by directing staff to forward the qRD Integrated Pest Management Program Policy and to send correspondence that emphasizes the point in Procedures for Pesticide Use which states “Foliar or sprays of herbicide applications are generally discouraged. The preferred methods are stem injection, stem cut, basal bark and hack and squirt treatments, or similar application methods.”


Need More Information?

These are some of the items that were considered at the May 28, 2020 qathet Regional District Board Meeting. This summary is provided as part of our commitment to transparency. It is our belief that an informed and engaged community results in decisions that serve the common good. If you require further information regarding any of the items listed above, please contact the Regional District office at 604-485-2260 ext. 201 or