BC Ferries: Moving Ahead Together on the Sunshine Coast

BCFerries: We know this has been a challenging time for Sunshine Coast residents as we have adjusted service and operational procedures to meet fluctuating traffic levels and new regulations as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
We know our customers have been affected by:

  • Sailing waits at popular times
  • Lack of available reservations
  • Reservation trading / selling / sharing
  • Concerns around travel certainty for residents
  • Concerns around medical travel needs
  • Concerns around capacity

In addition to service and operational adjustments, our current financial reality has meant we’ve prioritized core ferry service to communities, and that we have paused our capital projects until we have a better idea of how the recently announced Safe Restart funding will be allocated. As we move ahead, these are the kinds of constraints and uncertainties that we will need to confront together.
Our goal through this engagement is to develop a practical list of solutions we can implement ourselves in the near term with the assets we currently have. We operate under contract with the Government of BC, which means not all decisions are ours to make alone. Because our goal is the creation of a near-term action plan, we will be focusing conversations on topics and solutions that are within BC Ferries’ control. This includes things like operational changes, changes to our reservation policies and processes, improving the way we communicate with our customers, etc.

These are some of the most challenging times we’ve faced in our communities, our homes, and our organizations. We know it hasn’t been easy, and we firmly believe that the best way ahead is together. We look forward to working with you.