VCH COVID-19 Guidelines Post Vaccine

Vancouver Coastal Health is reminding of the following information to those who have received their COVID-19 vaccinations.


If you experience symptoms of COVID-19 after you’ve been vaccinated:

It takes about two weeks to gain protection from the COVID-19 vaccine. This means if you contracted the virus before getting the vaccine, or within the two week period following vaccination, you may still get sick from COVID-19.


Public Health Orders to Remain In-Place:

Public health orders, restrictions and guidelines remain in place for everyone, regardless if you have received the vaccine. After immunization, it will still be important to wash your hands, adhere to physical distancing guidelines, wear a mask and stay home when sick.


We still don’t know for certain how long the protection lasts from COVID-19 vaccines or how well they work in preventing asymptomatic infection or reducing transmission of the virus. This means that all current enhanced safety measures and COVID-19 protocols will stay in place until a significant percentage of the population has been vaccinated for COVID-19 or until it is deemed safe to relax those rules.