qathet Regional District wins UCBM Excellence in Asset Management Award

Powell River, B.C. — The Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) has awarded the qathet Regional District (qRD) the Excellence in Asset Management Award for developing a natural asset solution for stormwater runoff at the Resource Recovery Centre.


UBCM has recognized the qRD for utilizing the existing forest surrounding the Resource Recovery Centre as a natural asset to collect stormwater runoff from the environmentally sealed landfill closure mound. As a sustainable alternative to constructing large-scale sediment catchment bays, piping and ditches to manage runoff, the project team designed and installed a rock apron that effectively dissipates, and evenly distributes stormwater runoff to the surrounding forest. This solution saved approximately 0.4 hectares of established, second growth forest from being cleared and resulted in project cost savings of $750,000.


“We are very honoured to be awarded this recognition by the UBCM. I would like to congratulate the project team for their ingenuity executing this innovative solution to stormwater runoff,” said Regional Board Chair, Patrick Brabazon. “Working together with Tla’amin Nation, the City of Powell River, and industry stakeholders, we are ensuring this previously contaminated site becomes a valued, regional asset.”


Chief Administrative Officer, Al Radke addressed the importance of natural assets in sustainable service delivery. “Local governments are challenged with maintaining infrastructure to ensure that services can be delivered sustainably well into the future,” said Radke. “Integrating natural assets whenever possible is cost effective, as they typically require less maintenance, have the ability to adapt to changing conditions, and do not have the same replacement requirements as engineered infrastructure.”


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Al Radke, Chief Administrative Officer
qathet Regional District
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Powell River, BC V8A 2L2
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