Myrtle Pond Water System Stage 2 Water Restrictions in Effect

Effective immediately Stage 2 water restrictions are in effect for the Myrtle Pond Water System, please abide by these restrictions. A copy of these restrictions may be found on the Myrtle Pond Water page of the qathet Regional District website.

In particular, please note lawn watering restrictions:


Watering lawns is to occur on weekends before 9 am only.

Even numbered houses Saturday only

Odd numbered houses Sunday only

Please set automatic systems to water between 5-7 am only.

Hand watering between 6-9 am only

NO lawn watering during the week without written authorization


For technical information, requirements for new service connections or water regulations contact Operational Services at 604-487-1380 or

For general inquiries or to report a problem with the system contact our System Operator, Courtney Robertson at 604-483-1410.