Local Government Awareness Week
Join the qathet Regional District (qRD), Tla’amin Nation and City of Powell River (CoPR) as we celebrate Local Government Awareness Week in the qathet region from May 14 to 20, 2023.


On this webpage you will find department features that highlight the many services the qathet Regional District provides to our community. Take a look inside the world of local government, and learn how to get involved.


qRD Department Features

Technical Services, Asset Management and Strategic Initiatives

The Asset Management and Strategic Initiatives Department is responsible for the qathet Regional District’s Asset Management Program and for Capital Project Delivery and Disposal services. The Department forecasts and plans for future infrastructure needs. The Department manages software services specific to risk management to assist in ensuring sustainable service delivery. The Department also establishes and maintains construction engineering standards and specifications for Regional District capital asset and asset disposal projects, in line with industry and legislative requirements.


Information Technology and GIS

The Information Technology (IT) Department is responsible for ensuring fully functional operations of our hardware, software and network systems as well as our Geographic Information System (GIS). The department is also responsible for ensuring data protection and cyber security.


Click on any of the following links to learn more:


Try our Interactive Regional Map to access property information including house addresses using official publicly available data. For more information contact 604-485-2260 or email capitalassets@qathet.ca.


Emergency Services
qathet Regional District (qRD) coordinates emergency planning, preparedness, training, response, and recovery for all areas within the Regional District, including the City of Powell River and Tla’amin Nation. The program works with emergency responders, BC government staff, volunteers, partner agencies, and the public in our region. Be sure to stay prepared in case of an emergency.



The Community Notification System is designed to share important messages by phone, email or text message. You must register to receive messages.


The 2022 Regional FireSmart program is in full swing. Contact FireSmart Coordinator Marc Albert at firesmartpr@gmail.com to book your free FireSmart property assessment today.


For more information please contact 604-485-2260 or email emergency@qathet.ca.
Visit the qRD Emergency Services webpage.


Planning Services

The Planning Department provides land use planning services to qathet Regional District’s (qRD) Electoral Areas A, B, C and D. Are you new to the region? Are you planning to build a home or make improvements on your property?

For more information, contact the Planning Department by phone at 604-485-2260, by email at planning@qathet.ca, or have a look through planning information online.

Financial Services


The Finance Department is responsible for financial administration of the services the qathet Regional District and Powell River Regional Hospital District provides to its residents. Finance activities include financial planning and reporting, banking and investment activities, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable and utility billings.


The Chart of Participating Areas indicates the services provided by qathet Regional District and the areas paying for each service.


Click here for more information on Grants-in-Aid and Permissive Tax Exemptions.


See How Regional Districts Work for more information on how services are established, structured and financed.


For more information call 250-485-2260 or email finance@qathet.ca.


Operational Services

Operational Services is responsible for parks and recreation, waste management, qRD property maintenance, rural utility services and rural transportation. The qRD operates the Gillies Bay / Texada Airport, manages Regional Campgrounds and Parks, and manages rural bus services as well as operates cemeteries. Operations manages marine services on Savary Island (dock and barge ramp), Texada Island (Van Anda dock), and Lasqueti Island (barge ramp). At this time, qathet Regional District owns, operates, and maintains the Myrtle Pond Water System, and the Lund Sewer System. The qRD has no involvement with, or influence over, any other systems.


May is Free Invasive Plants Free Drop-off Month. Click here for more information.


Click here for more information on the regional Waste Management Public Education program.


Regional District campgrounds are now open. Click here for information on Shelter Point and Haywire Bay Campgrounds.


For more information, contact 604-487-1380 or email operations@qathet.ca.

Administrative Services
The Administration Department is responsible for the day-to-day corporate management of the qathet Regional District, as well as responsible for Communications, Human Resources, Bylaws, Policies, Agendas, and Minutes administration. For more information, please contact 604-485-2260 or email administration@qathet.ca.