2024 Budget and 2024 – 2028 Financial Plan

Every year, the qRD creates a Five-Year Financial Plan to ensure the provision of services and programs now and in the future. The Strategic Plan, Electoral Area Official Community Plans, work plans, input from advisory committees, feedback from Directors and staff, community groups, and members of the public all contribute toward development of the Financial Plan. In line with our organization’s fiscal responsibility and financial stability goals, our financial planning techniques are designed to reduce the risk of significant fluctuations in taxation levels from year to year. The Financial Plan is adopted by the end of March, each year.


To view the current and previous Financial Plans, please visit qathet.ca/financial-plan/




How You Can Get Involved


Participate in our Budget Survey

The qRD sought community feedback on the financial planning process to better understand how communication might be improved. The public was invited to share their comments by responding to a short survey from August 1 – September 30, 2023. This information will be used to improve how we share information about the financial plan and budgeting process with members of the public.



Attend an Upcoming Budget Meeting

Starting in October, Finance staff will bring forward budget reports to the qRD Finance Committee and qRD Board detailing public input received, fee structures, and drafts one through four of the 2024-2028 Five-Year Financial Plan.


All Finance Committee meetings are open to the public unless closed under a provision of s.90 of the Community Charter. Meetings are held in the qRD Boardroom located at #103 – 4675 Marine Avenue, Powell River, B.C. V8A 2L2 and livestreamed and accessible at qathetrd.civicweb.net. Virtual attendance options are available by contacting administration@qathet.ca.



Regional Hospital Districts

The Province of British Columbia established Regional Hospital Districts as a means of financing a local contribution to the costs of constructing or renovating major health care facilities such as acute care hospitals or long-term care facilities.


Regional Hospital Districts are governed by the Hospital District Act. The main purposes of the Regional Hospital District are to establish, acquire, construct, reconstruct, enlarge, operate and maintain hospitals and hospital facilities, and provide grant aid for the establishment, acquisition, reconstruction, enlargement, operation and maintenance of hospitals and hospital facilities.


The qathet Regional Hospital District will meet to consider the proposed 2024-2028 Financial Plan at the Regional Hospital District Board meetings from January through March, 2024.

View RHD Financial Plan Reports below:
March 28, 2024 – Draft Three RHD Budget



Ask a Question of Finance Staff
If you have a specific question about the 2024 Budget and Five-Year Financial Plan, you can contact us at 604-485-2260 or email us at finance@qathet.ca


View Financial Plan Reports
View the reports below regarding the 2024-2028 Financial Plan:
View Financial Plan Presentations

View the presentations below regarding the 2024-2028 Financial Plan:

qRD Budget Draft 1 2024 – December 6, 2023
qRD Budget Draft 2 2024 – Budget Increases – January 10, 2024