Lund Fire Hall Replacement – October 2020

qathet Regional District (qRD) has broken ground at the site of what will become the new Lund Satellite Fire Hall.

                        Photo Courtesy of Ann Snow


In 2019, qRD received support of the electors to borrow funds to replace the satellite fire hall in Lund, through the Alternate Approval Process. The satellite fire hall will complement the main fire hall on Plummer Creek Road, within the Northside Volunteer Fire Department (NVFD) service area. The current satellite fire hall, built in the 1970s, is undersized for storage of modern fire vehicles and equipment.


Three local families gifted 2.5 acres of land located adjacent to Hwy 101 that will serve as the site of the replacement fire hall.


Their generous gift to the community addresses all of the safety and operational shortcomings identified at the former satellite fire hall site. The larger property will mean ample parking space for volunteers as well as an opportunity for outdoor training on site, something that has not been possible in the past. The new location, 700 metres south of the current fire hall, will help improve fire service coverage to areas in the Okeover portion of the NVFD service area and may offer more insurance opportunities for property owners.


A contract to build the fire hall has been awarded to a construction firm local to qathet Regional District and construction is underway.  It is anticipated the fire hall will be ready for the NVFD to move into in the summer of 2021.