Parks & Trails Strategy

The qathet Regional District is developing a Parks and Trails Strategy to guide the future direction for parks and trails owned and operated by the qRD. Parks and trails are a vital asset to our community, providing valuable recreation opportunities that support the health and wellness of our citizens. They ensure the public has access to all that nature has to offer while also protecting those resources for future generations.


Our current park inventory consists of ten regional parks, two campgrounds, and several community parks on Texada Island. Existing trails owned and operated by the qRD include our beach access trails and the Myrtle Creek Pedestrian & Cycling Bridge.


The final Strategy will identify key issues, challenges and opportunities; establish goals; and highlight actions that reflect the community’s desires and aspirations for our parks and trails. This Strategy will be used to establish priorities; identify desired locations for future parks and trails; guide decision-making and operations; and allocate resources over the next ten years.


Phase 4 – Round 2 Public Engagement

Thank you to everyone who participated in the two virtual open houses and submitted responses on the survey. The project team will be reviewing the feedback to refine the draft Parks and Trails Strategy.


Project Timeline
This What We Heard Report summarizes feedback received during Phase 2 of the planning process, and the first round of community engagement.

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