qathet Regional District Connectivity Project – The Last Mile

Driftwood Communication Ltd. is excited to be participating with the qathet Regional District’s Connectivity project– The Last Mile.


As part of their mandate for this project, they are developing a connectivity plan that would bridge the connectivity gap and pave the last mile within the Regional District. As you can imagine, participation in the digital world is critical for the viability and economic sustainability of all communities. This is especially true for residents in rural and remote locations where high-speed internet gives them the ability to connect to medical services, educational opportunities, employment, tourism, emergency preparedness and a plethora of other goods and services.


This connectivity will also provide access to urban amenities for those people seeking a more rural lifestyle within the qRD.


The Canadian government now considers high-speed internet to be a basic service and by improving connectivity in the qRD we will help support and promote a sustainable and more inclusive community. Through respectful cooperation, communication, collaboration and engagement, this improved connectivity will help the qRD grow to its fullest potential.


qRD Connectivity – Last Mile Survey

Click here to complete the Connectivity Survey Online 

Click here to download the PDF version of the Connectivity Survey 


Please submit completed surveys to You may also mail physical copies to Driftwood Communications Ltd. at 6800 Veyaness Rd, Saanichton, BC, V8M 2A8 or drop off completed surveys at your local collection locations in your neighbourhood.


Participating Survey Pick Up and Drop off Locations
South of Town  North of Town Texada Island
Black Point Store The Stock Pile Gillies Bay General Store
Lang Bay Store  Nancy’s Bakery Texada Market
Northside Recreation Community Boards First Credit Union (Pick Up Only)
Express Lines (Pick Up Only)
Media Releases


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