Lund Community Centre Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 564, 2020 Assent Vote (Referendum)
The qathet Regional District (qRD) has secured grant funding up to $4,199,082 through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program – Community, Culture and Recreation Infrastructure Stream to construct an addition to the Northside Community Recreation Centre, located at 9656 Larson Road.


Based on a feasibility study, the new addition is estimated to cost between $4 million and $5.7 million. The $600,000 estimated balance of the project will be funded through a combination of short term borrowing (up to five years) and reserves that have been set aside for the Northside Recreation Service. The Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program – Community, Culture and Recreation Infrastructure Stream runs on a cost share basis with Canada and British Columbia combining to contribute 73.33 per cent of the elgible project cost and the qRD required to contribute the remaining 26.67 per cent, plus any overruns. To proceed with collecting the project funding, the qRD will need to borrow up to $1.1 million from the Municipal Finance Authority. More reports regarding the grant and the elector approval process are available under background information.


View the Lund Community Centre Building Condition Assessment Report

View the LCC Feasibility Study


Alternate Approval Process

The AAP concluded on March 6, 2023 at 4:00 p.m. and was unsuccessful with 109 votes received in opposition to the bylaw.



Northside Recreation Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 564, 2020

The Northside Recreation Loan Authorization Bylaw, which is required in order to borrow funds for the project from the Municipal Finance Authority, details the loan amounts, payments and term of the loan. The bylaw is currently at third reading and has received provincial statutory approval. Financing debt payments are proposed over a 30 year period to minimize the annual impact on residential tax rates. Elector approval is required to adopt the bylaw, and proceed with borrowing to move forward with the addition project.


View the Lund Community Centre Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 564, 2020 Certified to Third Reading


Bylaw synopsis: The general intent of this bylaw is to borrow up to $1,100,000.00, plus interest, over an amortization period of up to 30 years to construct an addition and renovate the community centre located at 9656 Larson Rd, Lund, BC V0N 2G0 within the Northside Community Recreation Service Area. The area that is subject to the bylaw is all of Electoral Area A excluding Savary Island.


Cost Breakdown

Estimated Construction Cost Estimated Project Cost Costs Covered by Provincial and Federal Grant Funding (73.33% of total project) Balance from Reserves and Short-Term Borrowing Remainder Required to be borrowed (26.67% of total project)
Between $4 and $5.7 million Between $4.2 and $5.9 million Up to $4,199,082 $600,000 Up to $1,100,000
Form of Debt
(Long term borrowing from MFA BC)
Total debt amount to be borrowed from MFA BC Annual Payment
(Projected 6% Borrowing)
Residential Tax rate per $100K*
Long Term: 30 years $1,100,000 $96,000 $8.00

*Residential tax rates are based on BC Assessment’s 2023 completed roll values.


Should the bylaw be approved, $115,000 received in donation pledges, along with any additional donations received, will reduce the amount required to borrow for this project.


Area to which the bylaw applies

Northside Recreation Service Area which includes a portion of Electoral Area ‘A’. A map of the service area is available for viewing by visiting the Regional District office at the address listed below:


Drop Us a Line

Questions or concerns regarding this project can be directed to Michelle Jones, Corporate Officer, via email at or by calling 604-485-2260.



Background information

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