Northside Recreation Community Centre Addition

The qathet Regional District (qRD) has secured grant funding up to $4,199,082 through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program – Community, Culture and Recreation Infrastructure Stream to construct an attached addition to the Northside Community Recreation Centre, located at 9656 Larson Road.


Based on a feasibility study, the new building is estimated to cost between $4 million and $5.7 million. $569,184 of the Northside Recreation non-statutory reserve are planned to be used to help offset project costs. The Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program – Community, Culture and Recreation Infrastructure Stream runs on a cost share basis with Canada and British Columbia combining to contribute 73.33 per cent of the eligible project cost and the qRD required to contribute the remaining 26.67 per cent, plus any overruns. To proceed with collecting the project funding, the qRD will need to borrow up to $1.1 million from the Municipal Finance Authority.

The Northside Recreation Loan Authorization Bylaw, which is required in order to borrow funds for the project from the Municipal Finance Authority, details the loan amounts, payments and term of the loan. The bylaw is currently at third reading and has received provincial statutory approval. Financing debt payments are proposed over a 30 year period to minimize the annual impact on residential tax rates.


Pending final costing, which includes building construction and the amount of debt financing required, annual debt payments are projected between $34,000 and $69,000. The annual debt payments will result in an increase in the residential tax rate per $100,000 of property value for all property owners within the Northside Recreation service area. The next step for the project and in accepting the funds will be for the qRD to seek approval from the community to commit to borrowing up to $1.1 million.


How You Can Get Involved
Participate in the Alternate Approval Process

In accordance with the Community Charter, local governments, such as the qathet Regional District, may use an Alternative Approval Process (AAP) to directly engage citizens about a proposed bylaw or other matter requiring elector approval. An AAP can be used for various initiatives to undertake long-term borrowing, a boundary extension, or other matter requiring approval of the electorate.


An AAP is an alternative method to assent voting (referendum) that may be used in certain cases to seek approval from the electors. Through the AAP, if more than 10 per cent of electors express their opposition to an initiative, the Regional District cannot proceed without first obtaining elector approval through assent voting which may be conducted in conjunction with local general elections and bi-elections, but may also occur independently.


Participate in the Elector Assent Voting as part of the 2022 General Election
This process is also known as a Referendum.
Assent voting, occurs when, a question is asked officially in the form of a vote, conducted in the same manner as an election. The Community Charter and the Local Government Act both require that local governments obtain approval of the electors before proceeding to implement certain initiatives or decisions. The assent voting process is outlined in the s. 85 of the Community Charter, and Part 3, Part 4 and s. 269 of the Local Government Act.


Drop Us a Line
Questions or concerns regarding this project can be directed to Michelle Jones, Corporate Officer, via email at or by calling 604-485-2260.


Background information

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