Elections, Petitions, and Alternate Approval Process

Local governments in British Columbia conduct elections every four years, in October. The next general local elections will be held in October, 2026.


2022 General Local Election Results



Other Voting

Voting may be held from time to time on service establishment bylaws or other matters. These voting opportunities may occur at the same time as local elections, or at other times as determined by the Regional Board. The qathet Regional District is not currently running any referendums.


Alternate Approval Process (AAP)

For certain actions that require public approval, local governments may use an alternate approval process (AAP). In an AAP, the proposed action is advertised in local papers. If at least 10 per cent of eligible voters, which include renters, sign a petition opposing the proposal, then the Board must reconsider the proposed action or hold a vote on the matter. If less than 10 per cent of eligible voters sign a petition, then the proposal may go ahead.


Assent Vote (Referendum)

For certain matters, local governments are required to obtain approval of the electors or participating area approval before the municipal council or regional district board may proceed with its decision. Assent voting can be used as both a form of approval of the electors and participating area approval. Assent voting is often referred to as a referendum, and involves asking electors to cast a vote on a local government bylaw or other matter specified in legislation. Assent of the electors is achieved if a majority of votes counted are in favour of the bylaw or question. To learn more, please visit the Province of BC website.



Property owners in an electoral area can petition the qathet Regional District for service. The proposed service area may either be the whole electoral area or only a portion of it. The qathet Regional District also uses the formal petition process for neighbourhood zoning requests. Those looking to petition are strongly encouraged to contact the qathet Regional District before commencing a petition and asked to remain in contact with the Corporate Officer throughout the process. For more information, please visit qathet.ca/petitions.


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