Residential Tax Calculator

To estimate your 2023 rural area taxes, enter the property assessment value from your annual BC Assessment notice in the box below.


Please note: The tax estimate provided applies only to residential properties (class 1). This is an estimate only and actual tax rates could vary from the estimate.



All taxes for the rural areas in BC are collected by the Surveyor of Taxes. While the Surveyor of Taxes collects taxes for the qathet Regional District, the Powell River Regional Hospital District and several other agencies, the qathet Regional District does not have control over the tax rates set by the other agencies. The estimated tax bill is intended to include taxes from other agencies but the tax rates are estimates only and may differ from the actual tax rates that are charged. Find out more about these other agencies at the following websites:


School Taxes or

Municipal Finance Authority

BC Assessment Authority

Provincial Rural and Police

Islands Trust

Gillies Bay Improvement District

Van Anda Improvement District


If you have questions about the estimator or other tax related inquiries please contact Financial Services at 604-485-2260 or email