Regional Hospital District

The Province of British Columbia established Regional Hospital Districts as a means of financing a local contribution to the costs of constructing or renovating major health care facilities such as acute care hospitals or long-term care facilities.


Regional Hospital Districts are governed by the Hospital District Act. The main purposes of the Regional Hospital District are to establish, acquire, construct, reconstruct, enlarge, operate and maintain hospitals and hospital facilities; and provide grant aid for the establishment, acquisition, reconstruction, enlargement, operation and maintenance of hospitals and hospital facilities.


Regional Hospital Districts are not involved in financing or administering hospital operations.


The qathet Regional Hospital Distict (qRHD) includes the boundaries of the qathet Regional District and Tla’amin Nation and its Board members include the Board members of the Regional District and members from the Tla’amin Nation.


The qRHD works together with Vancouver Coastal Health Authority to support a healthy region through investments in healthcare facilities and equipment.


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