Illegal Dumping, Shoreline Cleanup & Trash Bash

Illegal dumping is a problem that continues to persist in the qathet region. Many items that are illegally dumped actually fit into FREE ‘Extended Producer Responsibility’ (EPR) recycling programs. Items such as bulky white appliances (stoves, washing machines, etc.), small and large electronics, paint, hazardous materials, propane tanks and many metal items all can be disposed of for free in Powell River. Please view the Waste Wise Guide for a comprehensive list of accepted materials.


If you spot illegally dumped trash, please make a report through R.A.P.P. (or call 1-877-952-7277 or #7277 on the TELUS Mobility Network).


If you have a mobile phone, consider installing and using the free TrashOut phone application to help us track local dump spots. Be sure to take the photo of the trash in the app to automatically record the GPS coordinates. Once you upload the photo onto the app, the coordinates will become a pinpoint on the map and you can then fill out a quick report. The map can be used by local governments, community groups or members of the public who want to participate in cleanup efforts. Anyone can view the map and hover over pinpoints to see the details that have been recorded. Once cleaned, the sites can be removed.


Want to get involved?

Each year qathet Regional District hosts a one-day community clean up event called Trash Bash. Residents can clean up dump sites, litter and beaches and drop off the collected materials for free. Participants are treated to a free hot lunch and prizes.


Free Disposal for Illegal Dump Site Clean Ups!

Groups and individuals who identify an illegal dumpsites on a trail, beach, or backwoods can apply for a voucher for free disposal at the Augusta transfer stations. Fill in this application form and submit it to OR drop off a hard copy at #105 – 4675 Marine Avenue, Powell River, BC.


The qathet Regional District Coastline Cleanup Initiative facilitates volunteer led shoreline clean-ups throughout the region. Fill out an application for your clean-up event. Approved applications will receive reimbursement for boat fuel, transportation costs and any associated disposal or recycling fees depending on availability.  Funding is on a first come first serve basis.


BC’s First Ocean Plastic Depot open in Powell River

Canada’s first ocean plastic depot is open in Powell River. The depot is temporarily set up at Augusta Recyclers and will be installed at its permanent location at the new Resource Recovery Centre when the site opens in 2024.


The Ocean Plastic Depot targets materials collected from cleanup efforts as well as legacy equipment from the marine sector to divert landfill waste and reduce oceanic plastic pollution. The Ocean Plastic Depot provides a designated location for these materials to be properly contained and select items recycled. This infrastructure and ocean plastic diversion program is made possible through a partnership between the Ocean Legacy Foundation and qathet Regional District with funding from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.


Through this funding opportunity, residents can drop off collected marine debris for free. To access the depot, residents must register with Let’s Talk Trash to set up a first-time user orientation at the depot. The orientation allows Let’s Talk Trash to gather data to help support advocacy for future policy changes concerning long-term ocean sustainability and funding opportunities. View the sorting guide to familiarize yourself on what is accepted and how to sort it.