qathet Regional District holds regularly scheduled Board and Committee meetings at #103 – 4675 Marine Avenue, Powell River, BC. qRD Board and Standing Committee meetings will be offered via a combination of in-person, telephone and virtual attendance going forward. Webcasts of meetings are available by visiting


The public can participate in the delegation or question period portion of meetings in person, electronically via Zoom or by phone.


Members of the public are welcome to attend these meetings to observe, or to appear as a delegation to present information or make recommendations. Go to the Schedules & Locations page to view the schedule of meetings. Unless a meeting or part of a meeting is authorized to be closed to the public, in accordance with the Local Government Act and Community Charter, all meetings are open to the public.


Our Boardroom continues to be a common space where public participation is welcomed. The meeting will be broadcasted in the Boardroom to ensure the public is able to hear and see the proceedings. The public can also participate in the delegation or question period portion of the meeting, in person in the Boardroom, or electronically via ZOOM or phone. The qathet Regional District aims to be as open and accessible as possible while maintaining the safety of Directors, staff and the public.


For more information please contact the Corporate Officer at or call 604-485-2260.