Property Taxes
Funding qathet Regional District Services

Each service offered by qathet Regional District has a distinct group of participating areas and only those participants pay for the service. Each service must also have its own budget and funds cannot be transferred from one service to another.


The Chart of Participating Areas provides a clear picture of the services provided by qathet Regional District and of the areas paying for each service.


The main funding source for regional district services is the property value tax, which is based on assessed value. Parcel taxes (i.e. a flat rate for each lot in the service area) and fees are other, minor revenue sources. Property value and parcel taxes are collected on behalf of the regional district by other governments. In participating electoral areas, taxes are collected for the regional district by the province’s Surveyor of Taxes. In participating municipalities, regional district taxes are collected by the municipal governments. Click here for more local tax information.


See How Regional Districts Work for more information on how services are established, structured and financed.


Pay your Property Taxes

qathet Regional District relies on the BC Surveyor of Taxes to collect Rural Property Taxes. qathet Regional District does not accept payment for Rural Property Taxes.


Make your payment:
  • In person at the Service BC office at 6953 Alberni Street in Powell River
  • By cheque using the envelope provided with your Tax Notice
  • Online to “Rural Property Tax BC”

Contact the Service BC office at 604-485-3622 if you have questions about your tax notice.


2019 Tax Information Brochures

The following brochures were included with your Property Tax Notice from the Surveyor of Taxes.