Funding qathet Regional District Services

Each service offered by qathet Regional District operates independently with its own dedicated budget. Services are supported through taxes by the areas that benefit from each service. Explore our Chart of Participating Areas to discover the services provided by qathet Regional District and the corresponding areas responsible for their funding.


For a deeper understanding of how services are established, structured, and financed, refer to our comprehensive guide on How Regional Districts Work.


Property Taxes

qathet Regional District relies on the BC Surveyor of Taxes to collect Rural Property Taxes. qathet Regional District does not accept payment for Rural Property Taxes.


To estimate your property taxes, please use our Property Tax Estimator Tool here.


How to Apply for your Home Owner Grant – Go Paperless!
How to Pay Your Rural Property Tax
  • Log in to or enrol in eTaxBC at (see additional information below)
  • Pay via Electronic Funds Transfer, wire transfer or online banking (see details on the back of your tax notice)
  • Mail a cheque (see details on the back of your tax notice)
2023 Tax Information Brochures

The following brochures were included with your Property Tax Notice from the Surveyor of Taxes.