qathet Regional District Policies
Section 1: Corporate Policies

1.3 Requests for Proclamations

1.4 Buildings and Structures on RD Property

1.6 Public Standards of Conduct at RD Facilities

1.7 Electronic Communications at Meetings

1.8 Issuing Charitable Tax Receipts for Donations of Land

1.9 Board Photographs

1.11 Tribute Policy

1.12 Integrated Pest Management Program

1.13 Snow Removal and Ice Control

1.14 Tree Hazard Management

1.16 Code of Conduct

1.17 Electronic Mobile Communication Device Policy

1.18 Computer and Network Systems Policy

1.19 Video Surveillance Policy


Section 2: Administrative Policies


Section 3: Financial Policies


Section 4: Personnel Policies
Please contact for questions about personnel policies.


Section 5: Individual Service Policies