Freedom of Information Requests

qathet Regional District is committed to open and transparent government and considers a well-informed constituency essential for effective governance.


The Regional District has developed a list of typical records produced by qathet Regional District for the purpose of informing individuals about which types of requests require a formal Freedom of Information request and which do not. If the information you are looking for requires a formal Freedom of Information request, please review the Requests Under BC’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.  If you have any further questions about information requests, please contact our office at 604-485-2260 or email us at administration@qathet.ca.


Under BC’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOI), some records may be (or must be) restricted from access by the general public, including records containing personal information; information being considered in confidence; information subject to solicitor-client privilege;  information harmful to law enforcement or the interests of the general public if disclosed; and information harmful to third-party business interests if disclosed.


If you want a record that qathet Regional District does not consider to be routine in nature, you should make a formal request for information. In some cases (particularly where extensive research and/or copying is required), a fee will be charged for locating and retrieving records. Fee estimates are available upon request.


A formal Freedom of Information request must provide sufficient detail to enable compliance in a timely manner and must be directed to the correct agency. For example, a request for property assessment records should be directed to the British Columbia Assessment Authority instead of the qRD.


If you wish to submit a formal Freedom of Information request to the qRD, it should be submitted:


by mail to:

qathet Regional District
#202 – 4675 Marine Avenue
Powell River, BC  V8A 2L2


by email to:



When making a formal information request, please provide the following information:


  • Full name, address, and other contact information (daytime phone, alternate phone, fax or email address)
  • Details of requested information: describe the records you are requesting. Be as specific as possible, as this will assist the request process.
  • How you want to receive the record: do you want to examine the original document or do you want a copy? Fees may apply for printed and scanned copies as per our Fees and Charges Bylaw.
  • Your signature and the date your request.


    FOI Example Request #1

    “Please provide copies of all planning reports and studies undertaken over the last 10 years.”

    This is too broad. The applicability of this request to specific records is open to interpretation, the volume of records may be more than you need, and it may be expensive if photocopying is involved.


    FOI Example Request #2

    “Please provide copies of planning reports and studies undertaken on the Myrtle Pond water system watershed over the last 10 years.”

    This is acceptable.  The request will require interpretation of some records for applicability and may also require a time extension for full compliance.


    FOI Example Request #3

    “Please provide copies of the land use studies undertaken on Savary Island and published during 1999-2003.”
    This is very good.  The request is precise and compliance is assured within an allowable timeframe.

For assistance with information request please contact Administrative Services at 604-485-2260.


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