Identify and Report Dead and Abandoned Boats

qathet Regional District is working with the Dead Boat Disposal Society (DBDS) to identify abandoned or derelict boats as well as marine debris and to remove these items from the marine environment. The DBDS provides professional resources with expertise in dealing with the clean up, removal and proper recycling and disposal of boats and marine debris.


Community assistance in helping to report abandoned boats and marine debris is an essential component to increasing the success of this program and providing incentive for future funding. The more material and boats that are reported or handed over to the DBDS further proves a need for continued funding from the Transport Canada Abandoned Boats Program and the Federal Government.


If you would like to report marine debris, an abandoned boat or if you have a boat that you would like to turn over to the DEBS for proper disposal, please visit their online reporting system. Any boats signed over to the DBDS incur no costs. For more information, head over to their Facebook page, or contact the DBDS at 250-383-2086 or email,