Members of the public are welcome to address the Board of qathet Regional District or its committees. The Corporate Officer may schedule Delegations to another meeting or advisory body as deemed appropriate according to the subject matter of the Delegation.


Our Boardroom continues to be a common space where public participation is welcomed. The meeting will be broadcasted in the Boardroom to ensure the public is able to hear and see the proceedings. The public can also participate in the delegation or question period portion of the meeting in person in the Boardroom, or electronically via ZOOM or phone. The qathet Regional District aims to be as open and accessible as possible while maintaining the safety of Directors, staff and the public.


The Chair must not permit a Delegation to address a meeting of the Board or Committee regarding a bylaw in respect of which a public hearing has been held, but for which the bylaw has not yet been adopted or rejected, where the public hearing is required under an enactment as a pre-requisite to the adoption of the bylaw.


All meeting attendees must follow the Code of Conduct policy.


If you wish to be a delegation, please contact:


Michelle Jones, Manager of Administrative Services
#202 – 4675 Marine Avenue
Powell River, BC V8A 2L2
Phone: 604-485-2260 Fax: 604-485-2216


Please include the following in your written request

The name of the delegation representative;

Subject of delegation;

Written report regarding the subject of delegation which includes;

Any requests for action being made of the Board or Committee and any resolutions being recommended to the Board or Committee.


Where the written report requested has not been received as requested, the Delegation may still have an opportunity to address the Board as an Unregistered Delegation if approved by the majority of the Members present.


The name of your delegation and any documents supplied will be included as public record on the meeting agenda and in the minutes. For more information, please refer to the Direction to Delegations guide.



Delegation Size

qathet Regional District’s boardroom holds a maximum of 25 people, including directors and staff. With seven days notice, a meeting can be moved to another location to accommodate large delegations. However, if your delegation is large and we do not get adequate notice, some delegation members may not be able to participate in the meeting.


Unscheduled Delegations

After hearing registered Delegations, the Chair, with the agreement of the majority of other Members, will grant individuals or groups not listed on the agenda an opportunity to address the Board or Committee. After establishing how many such Delegations are present, the Chair will allot such time to each as considered appropriate. By majority vote, the Board or Committee can extend the time allotment.