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Social Planning

qathet Regional District, City of Powell River, and the Tla’amin Nation are collaborating to address social planning in the region. The Social Planning Service focuses on four pillars:

  • suitable, sustainable housing for all people,
  • healthy early childhood development for all children,
  • social cohesion throughout the region and
  • poverty alleviation and reduced income disparity.

The Social Planning Service is supported by the Social Action and Planning Advisory Committee (SAPAC). To learn more about this service, click on the Social Planning Webpage.

Regional Housing Needs Assessment
What is the qathet Regional Housing Needs Assessment?

The Province requires local governments in BC to complete a 5-year housing needs assessment by April 2022. To meet this requirement, qathet Regional District, City of Powell River, and Tla’amin Nation have partnered to complete a Regional Housing Needs Assessment. The qathet Regional Housing Needs Assessment will:

  • Help provincial and local governments to better understand and address housing shortages;
  • Inform decision-making to enable access to safe and stable housing; and
  • Provide strategies that reflect the unique needs of each community and the region as a whole.
What are the Assessment objectives?
  • Reflect the needs of the community;
  • Meet the physical requirements for a variety of ages and abilities;
  • Protect vulnerable populations from housing loss; and Keep housing affordable for all.
What are the Expected Project Outcomes?
  • Identify housing types and number of units needed for our communities;
  • Build a plan to meet demand for current and future market and non-market housing, as well as emergency facilities;
  • Form a strategy to protect and maintain public and private rental housing;
  • Identify barriers to and provide guidance on increasing housing accessibility;
  • Develop actions to reduce homelessness throughout the region; and
  • Cultivate support on the importance of developing affordable housing.
What are the Opportunities to Participate?

Your input is vital to help us understand your housing needs! Community input will be gathered through:

  • Virtual and/or in-person Open Houses
  • Stakeholder and community interviews
  • Community survey (online and in print)

To learn more about the project and find ways to participate online and in-person call 1-800-764-2218 or visit