Reports & Studies

Listed below are links to a variety of reports and studies related to different areas, departments and services. These documents come from a number of different sources. If you do not see a report you are looking for, please contact our office at 604-485-2260 or administration@qathet.ca.


2015 CARIP Survey
2015 Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program Survey
2016 CARIP Survey
2016 Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program Survey
2017 CARIP Survey
2017 Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program Survey
2018 CARIP Survey
2018 Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program Survey
2019 CARIP Survey
2019 Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program Survey
Marine Avenue Updated End Use Plan, September 2018
Tetra Tech's Updated End Use Plan to Marine Avenue Closure Plan
Marine Avenue Site Closure Plan, October 2014
Protocol Agreement for Communication and Cooperation
January 2020 Quarterly Executive Report
January 2019 Quarterly Strategic Report
April 2019 Quarterly Strategic Report
October 2019 Quarterly Strategic Report
July 2019 Quarterly Strategic Report
Organic Processing Facility Feasibility Analysis, 2012
Intertidal Assessment for an Existing Barge Ramp Savary Island, BC 2016
Texada Airport Assessment for Hangar Expansion Project 2016
Lasqueti Island Solid Waste Management Sub-Plan 2017
A Sustainability Charter for the Powell River Region 2009
Broadband Internet Access Report 2016
Electoral Areas A, B, C & D Population Projections 2019
Electoral Area A Identification of Natural Hazard Areas 2013
Electoral Areas A, B, & C Drainage Partnership Study 2018
Electoral Areas B & C Landslide and Fluvial Hazards Study 2015
Electoral Area D Landslide and Fluvial Hazard Study 2016
Expanded Regional Recreation Initiative Study 2016
Genetically Engineered Free Crop Area Designation 2004
Lund Water District Water System Condition Assessment
Regional Parks and Greenspace Plan 2010
Regional Transportation Plan 2014
Regional Trails Plan 2016
Savary Island Ground Water Study 1996
Savary Island (MOTI) Transportation Study 2009
Solid Waste Management and Resource Recovery Plan 2017
Texada Island Van Anda Dock Inspection of Piles and Superstructure 2017
Tla’amin/ Powell River Regional District Harmonization Project 2008
Powell River Regional District Recreation Initiative 2014
Powell River Regional Social Planning Program Report 2019