Dry Conditions on Savary Island Instigates Open Burning Prohibition Effective Friday, May 17, 2024 at noon

SAVARY ISLAND, BC — In accordance with qathet Regional District (qRD)’s Savary Island Outdoor Fire Control Bylaw No. 549, the Fire Chief of the Savary Island Volunteer Fire Department (SIVFD) is implementing island-wide fire restrictions on open burning activities commencing Friday, May 17 at noon, which includes a ban on any burn piles anywhere on the island. The Fire Chief is authorized by the qathet Regional District’s Savary Island Outdoor Fire Control Bylaw No. 549 to set prohibitions at any time of year based on weather conditions.


“This spring is already drier than usual and with the forecast for continued warm, dry weather; an early wildfire season is anticipated,” SIVFD Fire Chief Chris Philpott stated. “Savary Island resources are limited and getting assistance from provincial wildfire crews could be limited due to the fact that they are already actively fighting fires.”


The prohibition on burn piles will remain in place until further notice. Currently campfires are permitted, but any campfire must be no larger than 0.5m high x 0.5m diameter and minimum 3m (10ft) from combustible materials. Savary residents and visitors are encouraged to read qRD Bylaw 549 for further details on open fires: https://www.qathet.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/BL549-Control-Outdoor-Fires-on-Savary-Island.pdf


The public is reminded that there is a maximum penalty of $2,000 for contraventions of the fire ban. The SIVFD is authorized to enforce the bylaw, and receives regular support from the RCMP.


About the Savary Island Volunteer Fire Department:

The SIVFD is operated by a small group of dedicated volunteers who give their time to train and respond to fires, emergency medical calls, and other public safety concerns on Savary Island. To learn more about the SIVFD and current fire restrictions on Savary, please visit qathet.ca/savary-island-volunteer-fire-department/


About the qathet Regional District:

The qRD operates four volunteer fire departments including the Northside Volunteer Fire Department, Savary Island Fire Department, Lasqueti Island Volunteer Fire Department, and Malaspina Volunteer Fire Department. These departments are made up of over 120 committed volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to help protect our communities. For more information on our Fire Protection services, please visit qathet.ca/fire-protection-services.




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