Recreational Opportunities & Wildlife
Recreational Opportunities
Hiking, Walking & Mountain Biking

There are many short walking/biking trails within the park. There are also major trails that connect to areas outside the park boundaries.

  • Lost Lake Trail – A trail (approximately 4 km in length) connecting Haywire Bay Park with the west side of Inland Lake.
  • Inland Lake Trail – A 13 km wheelchair accessible trail which follows the shoreline circling Inland Lake.
  • Sunshine Coast Trail – This 180 km trail that runs from Saltery Bay south of town to Sarah Point north of town runs right through Haywire Bay Regional Park.
Other Activities

Located on the southeast shore of Powell Lake, there are a number of water-related activities available.

  • Fishing – requires a valid license.
  • Boating – small, car-top boats, canoes and kayaks can be launched from the park.
  • Swimming – a large site bounded by log booms makes for a safe family-friendly swimming area.

Osprey, eagles, ducks, ravens, crows, raccoons, squirrels, deer and bears can all be sighted in the park. To ensure your safety please keep campsites and trails free of garbage and lock your food in your vehicle before going to bed or when temporarily leaving your site. Do not leave pet food out.