ALR Exclusion Application

The purpose of the application is to enable the construction of a proposed seniors housing project in Gillies Bay to provide housing for residents of Texada Island to support safe, appropriate and affordable housing to age-in-place. Selkirk Mountain Forest Ltd. owns the subject site and most of the surrounding land affected by the provincial ALR. The land is designated Private Managed Forest Land by the province and managed by Selkirk Mountain Forest Ltd. under the provincial Private Managed Forest Act. The Texada Island Non-profit Seniors Housing Society is a non-profit organization supporting the establishment of seniors housing on Texada Island. The Housing Society conducted an on-island survey in November 2022 and subsequently completed a ‘Texada Seniors Housing Needs Report’ in May 2023 which confirmed the need for senior-friendly accommodations that support safe and appropriate aging-in-place for residents of Texada Island.


qathet Regional District believes that the 3.2 hectares should be excluded from the ALR to meet the need for seniors housing in Gillies Bay. This rationale is based on consistency with the Texada Island Official Community Plan, the 2021 qathet Regional Housing Needs Report, the Texada Seniors Housing Needs Report, and the Madrone Environmental Services Ltd Land Capability for Agriculture Assessment.


Thank you to everyone who participated in the Public Hearing on Texada on January 16, 2024. The Public Hearing report and ALC application are available on the links below:


If you have questions about the ALR Exclusion application, please contact the Planning Department 604-485-2260 or