Electoral Area D

Covers all of Texada Island and includes the communities of Blubber Bay, Van Anda and Gillies Bay, and excludes Tla’amin Nation land.


“The Texada Island community is committed to maintaining a spacious, independent and sustainable rural lifestyle with minimum regulations. Residents recognize the importance of preserving the Island’s rich heritage and its unique environment while encouraging thoughtful economic development anchored by the mining and forestry industries. The communities of Van Anda and Gillies Bay will continue to be focal points for higher density residential development due to the existing level of small lot development and infrastructure.”

Electoral Area D Official Community Plan Vision Statement


Official Community Plan bylaws set out a long-term vision for a community and establish community goals, objectives and policies for achieving that vision. An Official Community Plan bylaw provides a policy framework to guide land use and development decision making of the regional district, other government agencies, businesses and land owners.


Zoning bylaws are a planning tool for implementing an official community plan and regulating land use.


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