Electoral Area A

Covers the area northwest of the city boundary to Desolation Sound, and includes the Malaspina Peninsula, the community of Lund, and Savary and Hernando Islands, and excludes Tla’amin Nation lands.


“Our vision is a vibrant and diverse community that preserves and enhances its rural, coastal character and balances economic opportunity with the environment.”

Electoral Area A Official Community Plan Vision Statement


Official Community Plan bylaws set out a long-term vision for a community and establish community goals, objectives and policies for achieving that vision. An Official Community Plan bylaw provides a policy framework to guide land use and development decision making of the regional district, other government agencies, businesses and land owners.


Zoning bylaws are a planning tool for implementing an official community plan and regulating land use.


Savary Island
Savary Island is located within the Electoral Area A boundaries, and has an island specific Official Community Plan and studies:


“To maintain Savary Island’s unique character and rustic island lifestyle while protecting the island’s groundwater resources, its sensitive ecosystems and its unique biophysical characteristics.”
Savary Island Official Community Plan Statement