Lund Waterworks District

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The Lund Waterworks District (LWD) sought input from ratepayers regarding system upgrade options, including taxation and amortization preferences until mid October, 2022.


Lund Waterworks District Open House

Meeting Minutes of 2nd Open House

The Lund Waterworks District hosted a public open house for ratepayers on August 20, 2022 at 10:00 am. The  Open House discussed the Lund Waterworks District and qathet Regional District’s grant application to the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program – British Columbia – Green Infrastructure – Environmental Quality. The Open House also was an opportunity to provide updates regarding construction, costs, project phasing, and taxation and borrowing options.


Materials from the Open House are available below:

2022 08 20 LWD Open House Minutes Infrastructure Improvements Debenture Variances
Cost Evolution 2022 Budget
MPW Consumption details  Nearby Water Rates
Lund Waterworks District Engineering Assessment

The qathet Regional District and Lund Waterworks District recently completed an engineering assessment of the Lund Waterworks District system infrastructure. The goal of this assessment is to accurately determine the costs and scope of work required to bring the Lund Waterworks District system into compliance with required regulations to provide safe, reliable, secure, quality, and healthy potable drinking water. This assessment is being published to provide ratepayers with a realistic cost estimate for upgrading and maintaining the Lund Waterworks District system.


The assessment also provides the qathet Regional District with a clear understanding of the Lund Waterworks District’s current state of affairs, costs and liabilities should the qathet Regional District opt to convert the Lund Waterworks District service to a Regional District service. For more information on Improvement District conversion, please visit the Province of British Columbia website. 




Questions regarding the Engineering Report or Lund Waterworks District Open House can be directed to:

Tom Day, Receiver, Lund Waterworks District

Mail: PO Box 113, Lund, BC, V0N 2G0
Phone: 604-935-9555


Questions relating to the qathet Regional District’s involvement can be directed to:

Al Radke, Chief Administrative Officer, qathet Regional District

Mail: #202 – 4675 Marine Avenue, Powell River, BC  V8A 2L2

Phone: 604-485-2260




The Lund Waterworks District System is in need of substantial infrastructure upgrades. The Lund Waterworks District has not had a quorum of Trustees since December 2020. On February 23, 2022, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs appointed a receiver to the Lund Waterworks District, Tom Day. Mr. Day provided an introduction letter explaining his role and desired service delivery outcomes for the Lund Waterworks District.


The qathet Regional District worked closely with the Lund Waterworks District in 2019 to submit a grant application to fully fund infrastructure upgrades. This application was unsuccessful. In January of 2022, Deputy Minister Tara Faganello encouraged the qathet Regional District to submit an application for the final intake of the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program – Environmental Quality Program. The qathet Regional District submitted a grant application for funding support, on behalf of the Lund Waterworks District, and later updated the application to include the engineering assessment and the qRD’s position regarding the restoration of the Lund Waterworks District. 


The qathet Regional District does not have a service establishing bylaw in place to own or operate the Lund Waterworks System nor did it have jurisdiction over it as part this grant stream. If successful in the application, the public should be aware that the grant funding will not fully cover the costs of the Lund Waterworks District upgrade. The remaining costs will need to be covered by Lund Waterworks District ratepayers.

qRD Staff Reports Concerning the Lund Waterworks District

2018 – Lund Waterworks District Grant Request Report 2022 – Water System Extension Feasibility Study 2022 – Lund Water System
2019 – Lund Water Service Petition Report 2022 – Infrastructure Planning Grant_ Lund Water System Feasibility – Phase 2


Improvement Districts

Improvement Districts are small water systems, independently governed and operated on an individual basis by primarily volunteer run organizations. Improvement Districts are not managed by the Regional District. These organizations were established by the Province of British Columbia and empowered to carry out the necessary administration and operation of the water system. The systems are tested by Vancouver Coastal Health and may be subject to further testing by the improvement district operator.


To learn more about Improvement Districts, please visit the Province of British Columbia website.